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Piano Lessons

Buying a Piano

A piano can be a large investment for a family. New acoustic pianos can cost into the thousands. A used can sometimes be found on Craigslist for free or a low price. Realize that free probably means the piano needs tuning and possible repairs. Digital pianos are a cost effective alternative and can range $500 - $1000+. At the low end are portable digital keyboards. It is important to make sure that the digital keyboard has velocity sensitive keys. Weighted keys will give the best tactile feedback. Most students start out by learning to play on a keyboard or digital piano.  You should look to buy a keyboard with 88 weighted keys, as this will most resemble the feel of a real piano. At a minimum, 61 keys will suffice for most songs and practice. Keyboards and digital pianos often can be played with headphones, making them convenient for practice. That said, if it is within you means to buy an acoustic piano, it will provide the best learning experience.

In Home Lessons

I offer customized one-on-one private piano lessons in your home. The convenience of home lessons allows you to save time without having to transport your child to class. It also allows provides a safe and familiar environment in which your child can learn. I do require an adult be present for the entire time of the lesson if the child is under 18. 

piano lessons in home

What is Taught

The content of each lesson is determined by the ability and experience level of each individual student. For students just starting off, I begin with the foundations of piano playing. This will include learning to read music and chord charts, learning their way around the piano and learning simple scales and chords. Students can put these new skills to use through simple, entry level compositions. For intermediate pianists, they will develop some of the finer arts of piano playing, such as modulation, developing speed, and combining a wider array of chords, such as augmented and slash chords. They will also get to work on their sight reading and playing more challenging songs. Advanced students may wish to work on their improvisational skills, develop their repertoire or study a specific genre or style of playing, such as Jazz, Baroque, or Blues. Regardless, all students will experience the joys of piano playing.