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About Me

I consider myself to be a student of music as well as being a professional pianist and a music educator. It is my philosophy that everyone, including the most esteemed performers and composers of history, are or were students their entire lives. This is not to say that the professionals do not exist, nor that they are ill-equipped or unqualified to provide enriching lessons or tutoring, it merely states that no one obtains complete knowledge of the subject. I will, however, pass along the knowledge that I have been given over the years and it is my passion to present it in a way that is relatable, contextual, and, hopefully, engaging. 

I recieved my Bachelors of the Arts in Jazz Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. There I studied under Jon Ozment, a well known and respected jazz pianist and educator in the greater D.C. area. With him I learned the importance of what I call "active learning," going above and beyond the assignment to find how the concepts that were taught are applied to other musical contexts, i.e., a different song or a different artist's interpretation of the same song. By finding these characterisitcs that unite music, you have a more intimate understanding of the mechanics of music (why do these songs sound the way they do? How are the various aspects--rhythm, notes, lyrics--of the song working together to create a bigger picture?) and you are able to make these connections on your own. Having said all of that, if you just want someone to teach you some tunes and have a good time, I am more than happy to do that, too! My aim is to make music an enriching experience for all of my students, whatever your interests may be, and I understand that the idea of delving into the technical aspects may not be appealing to everyone. 


In addition to playing piano, I also play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and I have ten years of choral experience. I currently offer guitar lessons and bass lessons for beginners to intermediates. My guitar/bass guitar instruction is a little different from my piano in the sense that I teach more "by ear" than by actual musical notation. Printing up chord sheets from online is okay, but training your ear to recognize certain musical patterns (sequences of chords or notes) is an invaluable skill to learn and will help you expand your repetoire exponentially. 

Other services I provide are tutoring in music theory and writing and arranging music. 

My lessons are typically taught in the student's home, as this promotes understanding in a familiar environment. However, now that I have recently relocated to Frederick, Maryland, I am looking to open up my home studio to lessons. These will be taught at a discounted rate as students would travel to me instead of vice versa. If you are nearby and wish to get a discounted rate, please include that in the contact sheet. 

For those of you that are farther away, please indicate at least three times that work for you so I can see where I would be able to place you.